SPADE AVENUE is a women owed agency providing design , development, global sourcing and custom product manufacturing.

SPADEAVENUE has become diversified in its business scope, covering all kinds of custom signage, printed materials, props, decorations, fixtures, displays, packaging, and many other specialty projects.

Our innovative approach and global access ensures highly competitive pricing, making us a valuable resource for your sourcing and custom manufacturing needs. Our expert staff, design team, and distribution professionals provide unparalleled service.

We provide solutions across a broad range of expanding industries while maintaining the same level of creative, technical and logistical precision that has been the company’s foundation since its inception.


Indoor/ Outdoor Signage, LED signs, Directional signs, Dimensional letters, neon signs, Digital Signage &Kiosks, Light Boxes, Barricades, Window Decals, etc.


Custom Floor Displays, Wall units, POP/POS, Shoe Displays, Modular shelving systems, Counter Tops, PDQ/Shippers, Showcases, etc.


Custom Props, Custom Design & Décor Elements, Window Dressing, Mounted Graphics and Art, Any Branding Elements, Any Custom Fabrication


Large Format Printing, Digital and Offset Printing, UV Ink Printing , Any type of Banners, Posters,
Luxury Invitations, Hard Cover Books, Menus, etc.


Gift Boxes, Fabric Bags, Paper, Plastic, Acrylic & Wood Packaging, Glass and Ceramic bottles, plastic containers, etc.


Hotel Amenities: bathroom kits, stationary, laundry bags, guest room sets and accessories, etc.,
Promo items , Press Kits


We simplify the buying process by locating qualified factories, negotiating the lowest possible price, monitoring quality control during production, and delivering the products on time. We provide full sourcing and inspection service which includes following:

  • Source the right products
  • Source the right factory – brief factory evaluation
  • Develop new products
  • Negotiate the price
  • Follow-up samples / projects
  • Order execution / follow-up
  • In-line inspection
  • Final inspection
  • Shipment consolidation
  • Claim assistance


We have worked with the same factories for many years and have specially trained personnel on-site at all times. This allows us to control and negotiate the best price, monitor quality control during production, and deliver our products on time.


  • Pre-production planning and sample approval
  • Continuous monitoring of production status
  • Status updates provided per client requirements
  • Monitoring compliance to shipping schedules


  • SPADEAVENUE employs quality control supervisors to ensure that our products are
    manufactured to our standards and specifications
  • SPADEAVENUE monitors production and the items that come off the
    plant for accuracy to the original design


  • The project isn’t finished until it arrives at its final destination
  • SPADEAVENUE ensures optimum management in the flow of goods
    between the point of origin and the destination
  • Every step – from integration of information, transportation, inventory,
    warehousing, material handling, packaging, to security – is handled with detailed care