Inspiration is the heart and soul of each project, and the vision
from which we start to create a brand story or tangible piece of communication. Inspiration cannot be manufactured. Our intuition developed from years of expertise guides the process and transforms
Spade Avenue’s creations from a commodity to a necessity.


The design of a project is what brings inspiration to life, turning concepts into reality. Understanding the behavior of this process enables us to put our industry to work for yours. It is a visual interpretation of our clients’ needs. We design 3D mockups and technical specifications for all of our projects.


Before the production process begins, a digital proof of the design is made and checked for accuracy, followed by an actual sample. This step both saves money and minimizes errors. We make sure to develop a perfect sample and are not afraid to do several sample runs to ensure that everything is just right.

Retail Space and Store Front
Diesel Store – Dolphin outlets

Signage, custom light boxes, sculptures , Sugar Faxtory – Foxwood

Agriculture by Russel Simmons
Custom furniture